Entiv Organic Energy aims to
efficiently utilize the earth's
natural energy - sustainably - through
the use of cutting-edge technology.


Technology: What is the Kalex Cycle?

Site Evaluation

Site Evaluation: Where to look for a geothermal system.


Crilling: Efficient exploration is key.


Fabrication: If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resource Evaluation: Putting a geothermal reservoir to the test.

Business Partners

Fans and Supporters: Who really cares anyway?

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About Entiv Organic Energy: The Entiv team.

Contact Entiv

Contact Entiv

Welcome to Entiv Organic Energy. Entiv is an energy company created by the very people who use its product. Teaming farmers, technology engineers, scientists, fabricators, and drillers together brings a unique perspective to the business of energy development. Among the Entiv family there is a deep-seated respect for the resources - the land, water and their inhabitants - that provide the necessary ingredients for renewable, baseload power to meet or exceed the needs of the communities they operate within.

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